A Virtual Garden Party

I’ve been meaning to update the Readers’ Blogs list for ages. I just had an extra half hour, with nothing else in particular to do (!!!) so, I finally got to it.

I like the idea that we all keep up with each other a little bit, in this weird virtual community. Even though I’ve had my issues with computers and their inherent addiction problems, it has sure helped me to find you all and feel like– if not close by then at least somewhere in the Wide, Wide World– there are some folks like me! We gotta stick together y’all!

If you write a blog, please scroll down and see if it’s there in the sidebar. Did I spell your title correctly? Click it to make sure I entered the link right, and please let me know if it doesn’t work. If you don’t see your blog in there with the Readers’ Blogs list, it could be because you haven’t commented recently (I only went back a few months) or worse, haven’t commented at all! Comment you!

Then, let’s all get cozy with some tea and talk shop.


Of Comments, Readers and Gratitudes

Writing this blog, as I’ve mentioned before, is a purely selfish addiction. I can’t stop myself now. I need this outlet to digest my day to day. I think of post ideas constantly (like 2 or 3 a day!), and write volumes in my head while I’m pressure-washing puke out of carseats.

Several of you have mentioned that my blog reads like a letter from a friend. Well, that’s about how it writes too. And let me assure you it is often eerie writing an intimate letter to a nameless number of (mostly) strangers. It’s a leap of faith to wrench your heart onto a keyboard and then send it flying into the Unknown.

Do you remember the best part about writing a letter? (Back from the days when people did such things…) Oh yes, the best part was opening your mailbox to find a reply!

I am a comment junkie. I check my comments at least twice a day. My heart jumps at compliments like a little lost puppy, and suggestions for practical things are often trialed that very day.

I don’t know what the protocol is for comments. Am I supposed to respond to every one? Or only when a question or specific point has been raised? I guess it doesn’t really matter what the protocol is anyway, because the fact is that I only have so much time, and it usually comes down to that I could respond to comments, or write a post. And I pretty much choose writing a post.

But! This does not mean I don’t read and treasure each comment. Truly! I want to make sure you all know how grateful I am for each and every comment. They validate my time here. They make the walls of this dark cave a bit less echoey. They remind me that I am among company, and inspire me to write more.

I especially love long comments. The longer the better! Tell me all about who you are, why you read, what you had for dinner. Write me a letter back. Don’t be shy. I’m not some big famous blogger with 57 comments to each post. There’s a small, cozy readership here. If you comment more than once, I will probably recognize your name. If you tell me something about yourself, I will remember. If you want to write me a real letter– well, as real as it gets these days– my email address is scarletfevir at yahoo.

Please do not think that because I don’t respond to your comments I’m not reading them with rapture. Thank you for taking the time to read at all. Thank you especially for your letters back, big and small.

Thanks for coming by. Don’t be a stranger.