Hands in Dirt=Happy Mama

A few years ago, I invested in a soil blocker, I love it.

Isn’t is strange how moods change your perception so completely? Last night, after a kind of crappy day in which I didn’t get a damn thing done or even goof off properly, I surveyed the ruins around me with utter hopelessness and went straight to bed. This morning, after a decent sleep, a cup of coffee and a lovely walk to pick kumquats with my little butterball, I feel rejuvenated. I look around and think instead, ‘okay, no prob. I’ll whip the house into shape, then hang the laundry, then process the kumquats, then plant my beans, go to the garden and water the transplants, rebatch some marmalade, make laundry soap, make another batch of bar soap……’ etc, etc.

We’ll see how far I get on that list.

Ah, remember the days dear friends, when you could actually do that, if you so desired? Wake in the morning and feel inspired. Drink your coffee and just get straight into it. Work at your projects all day if you wanted, until sleep lulled you into bed.

But, I have to keep reminding myself. First on my daily list, and I accomplish it every single day, feed and nurture two budding human beings. Check.

I ought to share that last Wednesday I had a really great day. One of the absolute best since The Babe was born (not counting of course the epic blissful days immediately following birth). I finally found a mama interested in kid-trading (babysitting), and now my little girl, who everywhere we go picks some kid out and follows them around like a puppy, copying their every move and trying to kiss them constantly, has a best friend. It’s the sweetest thing. We just started last week, I took them on Monday, for two hours, then Wednesday she took them.

Through the work of some kind Djinns, the Babe took an hour and a half long nap during the time the Toddler was gone. So I actually got that time truly to myself. The day was sunny and warm, and I had recently stocked up on supplies to start seeds, so I set right into it. Then later on, he took a two hour nap! All in one day I got to have quality time with both kids, individually, clean the house, and play in the dirt! Wow.

seeding my soil blocks
Ahhhh... a type A gardener's dream

My Man stayed up all night last night (literally, went to bed after I got up at 5:45. He does that fairly frequently, bless his heart. Night is the best, quietest time for him to work), so he’ll be sleeping late. I usually try to take the kidlets for a strategicly timed walk on Sunday mornings, so he can have one morning a week to relax with his paper. Because after he gets up, if the Toddler’s around, she latches right onto him and won’t let go. She is a Papa’s Girl all the way. Then, after the walk, he’s usually happy to spend most of the rest of the day doing kid stuff. So I do have high hopes for today.

Wish me luck!