Laundry Drying Rack Extraordinaire!

My mother-in-law, also a big fan of hanging clothes to dry (you should hear her go on about zoning codes!) just got me an early Christmas present– Lehman’s Best Drying Rack (Lehman’s sells all kinds of groovy old and new fashioned non-electric stuff, some definitely for the sake of nostalgia, but lots of really great tools and household stuff that’s well made and works, like this rack). It’s more than 6 feet tall, and very stoutly built. No rinky-dink piece of shit that comes apart every time you look at it crooked, like the one I got from the Sally for $2. But then again, the $70 price tag on this one (plus shipping!) makes it fairly unachievable for many households. Good for a Christmas list, in case you have anyone playing well-paid Santa for you.

Don’t forget to be good! You know what they say, Santa’s always watching. You’ll much prefer this rack to a few lumps of coal, I guarantee. It easily fits a full load of laundry, no more looking around for chair backs, doors and hooks to hang the extra! The only catch is finding a place in your house to put such a monster….