Trixie’s Dark Side

I actually wasn’t even thinking of that last post as product advertisement until your comments came in. I was just show and tell-ing my new toy. But of course it would make you all want one too! And hell, if you can get ’em at Costco for $30, make haste! My online order was a full $100, and even that was worth it to me.

But just so we have it out in the open, ole Trixeroo ain’t perfect. The biggest fault for me is that the insert pot is teflon, or some such non-stick. I swore teflon out of my life years ago, but here it is again. When I swore it out, we were living in such a way that various hippies were often in my kitchen, cooking in my pans and washing my dishes, and I hated standing behind them as the Teflon Nazi. Now, for better or for worse, it’s usually just lil’ ole’ me cooking and washing my very own dishes, so it’ll be easier to ensure that this pot is treated with ultimate care.

This is especially important because, other downside, I don’t know if it’s possible to order a replacement pot. A few of the bad reviews on Amazon were from people who had had various problems but had been unable to illicit a response from the company. I actually intend to try to order a replacement pot immediately, so that I have it and am ready for the inevitable Scratch and subsequent Flaking. But, we’ll see if that happens.

And you couldn’t rig in a different, unrelated pot. The bottom heat element is slightly convex, fitting into the slight concave of the pot. I guess to transfer heat more efficiently? Also, the top lip of the pot is what hits the rubber gasket of the lid to seal for pressure cooking.

Hmmm…. what else?

I guess I really can’t think of anything else. Otherwise, Practically Perfect in Every Way. Oh. I see I should have named it Mary.