Ten Posts + Readers Faves

Dixiebelle followed suit with Hazel Dene the other day in fishing back through her blog for ‘7 Posts,’ favorites from the past. Is this a thing that’s going around? I’m always the last to know.

Anyway, I like the idea. I’ve been at this blogging business for awhile now, and it always seems a bit sad that once a post is old, it’s more or less gone. A few devoted readers, with enough time of their hands, have gone through my archives (oh, I feel giddy just writing that! Like I’m practically Madonna) but for the most part, old posts are water under the bridge.

I tried to choose 7 posts, fitting the categories listed by Dixiebelle. But I couldn’t do it. Below are my 10 favorites from the year. Oldies, goodies. But let’s up the anty. What are your favorites? If you remember the title of your favorite post, leave it in the comments. I’ll look it up and add the link. If you don’t remember the title, you could try describing it. I might be able to figure it out.

Here’s a few practical type posts:

Cast Iron Cookery— a three part series about rescuing, caring for and cooking with cast iron

Not Menu Planners— in case you thought you were the only one

Camping with Kids: Whatever it Takes including a ‘What to Pack’ list

Good News for Half Beer Lovers— possibly my favorite posted recipe, for beer gravy over noodles that I’ve made about a hundred times and love every time. Just had it last night and was thinking I should re-post it, so good.

And then the head-scratching posts, which have become kind of my thang. I didn’t add any of the ones that are in the Reader’s Favorites list in the sidebar, because I’m thinking you’ve already read them. If you are reading from a “device” (other than a computer) look at the full site sometime for that sidebar list of top posts.

Is Your Sustainable Life Sustainable? looks into how green and groovy we can really be for the long haul.

Someone Has to Wear the Apron and Master or Slave? chronicle my journey of tearing down the ‘cleaning is for pussies’ myth last winter

Caution: Martyr in the Kitchen lays bare my real reasons for cooking, and where they get me

Staking Our Claim: Learning to Ask is an instructional to myself, and anyone else who needs reminding

A Mama’s Heart takes on the rage issue, finally. This is the one that fits the original 7 post category of “didn’t get the attention it deserved.” The short, lead up post called Mama Rage got almost twice as many views.

The Way He Walks is about my boy, and also how I came to be a writer of ugly things

I like this idea of fishing out the best posts from a year. I do believe I’ll make a tradition of it.

And now you. What’s your favorite Apron Stringz post ever?