Punk Housewife Tip: Ditch Garbage Bags

A few months ago I solved a small problem in my own head. It was gratifying. Now everyone who comes over can say, “Why the F do you have two bags in there, what am I supposed to do with that?”

I had always wanted to use old shopping bags for garbage because, despite my best intentions, they do pile up in our house. But I was too afraid of the occasional leak making the bin gross and stinky. Then it suddenly occurred to me I could just keep a backup liner in there. Of course.

This only works because all my wet stuff goes in my various (4 different!) compost/chicken bins. The only wet thing I really put into the trash anymore is boiled bones, leftover from stock making. For this, I keep any still sound plastic packaging in that space between the back of the paper bag and the plastic liner. I haven’t had a paper bag bust out on the way to the outdoor can yet, though it seems like it might happen eventually. And I only have to change the liner every month or more.

If you are way too cool to ever bring home disposable shopping bags, no worries! Just pilfer the ‘bag recycling’ bin outside the store. I’ve done this myself, many times. Of course, you could argue that those bags would be better off recycled than turned into default garbage, even if they save the world from one extra garbage bag. But, especially with the paper bags, I feel pretty confident this is a better end.

Now, the big break through trick? To keep the bag from sliding down in there, attach to the lip of the bin with office clips like so:

The only catch to this system is it turns you irrevocably into One of Those People. Not even your damn garbage is normal. People will be confused and you will have to explain. You will not sound awesome, you will just sound weird. But considering you probably already have to explain your garbage system (‘recycling under the sink, egg shells in the old flour bag, coffee grounds in the tub by the faucet, chicken scraps straight out the window into the run, and onion skins and citrus in the old coffee bag’) this will be the least of your worries.