Sharing the Burden, Sharing Ideas

Hey there friends,

Sasha at One Rich Mother left a link to one of her posts on the FB page, regarding the Mama Rage issue. I thought everyone should have a chance to take a look, her post is called The Lost Art of Chill. She lists out the ways that she has used to try to overcome some of her anger issues, or just deal with it more appropriately. While I write about just the emotions of it, Sasha thankfully offered some really good concrete tips. And, this woman has seven children, so she ought to know.

Of course, for us newer mamas, bear in mind that she’s also had some 15 years of practice to get her shit together! While we’re still stuck at the bewilderment stage. “What the f–? It’s like this?”

I think we should open this sucker right up. Anyone else have any posts on the subject they’d like to share, or just feelings, thoughts on anger/rage, or real-life ideas that might help? Leave a comment.

And in case anyone has missed out so far, Lucy at Dreaming Aloud started a ‘Blogging Carnival of Emotions’ with her post The White Heat of Mama Anger. There’s quite a few great links over there.

You non-bloggers, feel free to leave long winded comments, get it all out girl!

Mama Rage

Hey friends,

I’ve had a shitfuck coupla days. I feel ready to turn in my chips. I know it has much to do with the time of the month, but does knowing that help in any way? Not particularly.

I have a few posts in my draft box entitled Mama Rage. But nothing ever gets very far. When I feel like this, I write like crap. No one wants to read that self-pity/self-loathing shit scribbled in the full heat of the scream. And after, when I’ve come down, it’s the last thing I want to think about. Move on. Get away. Why dwell in such a nasty feeling?

But I know there are so many mamas out there, strangling sometimes in their very own Mama Rage. Someday I will get to that post, and free some tiny piece of all of us.

For now, tell me what I need to hear. Give me a boost, while I go write a post about something entirely unrelated to mothering.