A Typical Day

Ever wonder what everyone else does with their day? Here’s our Today, a typical day for us of late.

Not so typically, I got a full hour to myself this morning, before the toddler woke up. I used it to write a blog that got sucked away into the internet version of the sock-black-hole. Goddamn it.

Toddler woke up. Breakfast of Green Eggs and Salm(on)– (This is a modified version of my dad’s invention to get kids to eat healthy. The special name and hoopla is unnecessary for Toddler who loves salmon and spinach. But it’s a tasty brekky, so we eat it whenever I have the where-with-all to do more than plop granola in front of her while I drink my coffee. ie: not often) Fry some onion up in plenty butter, add a generous handful of frozen spinach and some home canned smoked salmon (my dad used chopped up frozen salmon burgers from Costco) Cook till thawed, add eggs and a little cheddar if you like. If yer kiddos are against spinach, and you’re trying to play up the Dr. Seuss angle, whiz up the spinach and eggs in the blender first, so you’ll truly have green eggs.

cooking GE&S

A cold day today, a great day for baking! Started a new batch of bread and realized I was out of flour. Filled the sink to wash the looming pile of dishes, and there was instantly crying and yelling from both the shorties in the family at once.

At 9:30 Hubby went off on his bike for school, and I rallied as fast as I could to get all three of us ready to go to Monday morning music at the nearby Parenting Center. (It should really be called the Children’s Center– they have a giant play room with all kinds of great toys and play mats open anytime to members ($65/year) plus Monday morning music and Wednesday morning crafts) It’s only 5 blocks away, so we walked. Me with the Babe strapped on, wheeling the empty stroller, Toddler walking beside and “helping.” We stayed for an hour after the music program, so the Toddler could play with the other kiddies. I’m doing my best to provide her with opportunities to be around other kids. More on that quest in another post…

Then we walked to the store to get more flour, this time Toddler in the stroller. At home, got the dough made and rising. Lunch of salmon salad on the last of the old bread. Kind of tired of carrying Baby, whose been in the mei tai all morning. Tried to set him down. He woke up. Sat down to give him one peaceful nursing session. Then tried to put him back down for some of what we call “project time” (independent learning, ie: staring all around with those big horse eyes) while I filled the sink yet again to get back at the dishes. Not happy. Not in the mood for project time. Back in my arms I saw he was sleepy again, or- still, however you look at it. Didn’t take too much walking and singing and he was asleep, and then, praise jesus! lay-down-able!

Toddler was meanwhile playing sweetly by herself in the living room, not even ripping or spilling or anything. So I got back to the dishes while the water was still hot. Phew! Whoever thought you’d be thankful to “get to” wash the dishes? Ah, motherhood.

Then, being around 3-ish, it seemed a good time to set the toddler down in front of the boob tube (ever since the naps faded out, at 1 1/2! I’ve allowed myself to plug her in for an hour or so in the afternoon. We don’t have tv, but we have several videos, which she seems quite happy to watch over and over. Oh, the guilt!)

And a good time for me to have that Second Cup (coffee) and blog a little more. Hopefully this one will stick.

After this break, I’ll hop up and form my dough into loaves, make an apple pie, some cookie dough, and a batch of granola (gotta fill the oven, it’ll get some yams too for dinner) At 4:30 Papa comes home, he and toddler always have a big time together until dinner.

(editor’s note: this over expectation of what I could accomplish between 4:00 and dinner time resulted in a late dinner and resultant Toddler meltdown)

Dinner will be two little Louisiana wood ducks! Traded from a friend for salmon. I considered roasting them in the oven with everything else, but I think I’ll pan fry them instead so their skin gets yummycrisp. Those yams and some frozen veggies will make dinner a quick proposition. With– don’t forget!– apple pie for dessert. I almost never follow a recipe for apple pie, but this recipe from Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook is just too intriguing!

(editor’s second note: the duck skin did not get crispy, just rubbery. The apple pie was not a pie exactly– it was really good, but super rich and sweet. I like apple pie for it’s simple not-to-sweet appley flavor with contrasting savory crust. Think I’ll stick to me own recipe, which is also much easier)

Then, between 8 and 9 pm, two adults plus two kiddos equals all hands on deck for bedtime! Once they’re both finally down, I probably just crash into bed, and Hubby stays up to do homework. But we do have a good looking netflix that we’ve had and not watched for like a week (I’ve got to cancel our subscription, there’s just no time anymore) and I might rally to watch it, just so we can send the damn thing back.

And that’s a day! Holy smokes!

PS. There follows night. In which I get anywhere from 5-7 hours of real sleep.  Repeat ad infinitum. Or, oh yeah, only until the growth of said kiddos changes everything.