Searching in the Dark

If you’re a fellow blogger, you know about search terms. But for the rest of you, here’s a quick explanation.

WordPress keeps track of your readers and how they found you (creepy, eh?) Mostly people find my blog from links. In fact half my (modest) readership comes straight off the boat from Down to Earth blog and forum. But a few folks every day stumble upon my blog from googling something. Like, “satsuma marmalade.”

Every few days I have a little chuckle over just what people have googled when they find me. But today it was a guffaw, because some poor sop googled “beach babe” and found this blog! So I thought maybe it was time to share a few of the best with you.

This one cracks me up. Four different people have found this here blog by googling “wifely duties” and boy were they disappointed.

Then we’ve had a:

“wife won’t cut apron strings with children”

“weeds screaming”

“i hate cars”

“jesus bicycle apron”

and, my personal fave: “camping same clothes punk dirty”

Two people have found me through “creative housewifery,” and one through “feminist on housewifery.” And I hope they might have stuck around. Hello? Are you there?