The Root of all Evil?

I started blogging more than two years ago. It started innocently enough. I would write a bit, now and then, when I had time and inclination. But as any of you with your own blogs will understand, this shit is addictive. I slowly wrote more and more until it usurped any remotely ‘hobby’ status. Now I spend far too much time writing, and furthermore thinking about writing. Any time off from my mama job, I can hardly wait to get to a computer. Disgusting. But also, wonderful, validating, rewarding and downright fun.

I write for myself, above all. Let that be known, and understood. But sometimes… I do feel swayed by the idea of getting just a tiny bit of (monetary) compensation. Who wouldn’t? And thus the ‘blog ad’ was born. I don’t know how much those little siren call’s really pay, but I suspect it’s nothing to get excited about. I haven’t looked into it, because when ever I get close to thinking about it I get the jitters. I know many of you have blogs, and many of you have ads on your blogs, and I totally understand how you got there, but I have to wonder, is there another way?

Can we circumvent The Man? Can we devise a more direct route for that hard-earned EvilRoot? Instead of giving Amaz*n $19.99 and your favorite blogger 14 cents/click, what if you just gave your blogger $2, straight up? You save $17.99, your blogger earns $1.86 extra, and we save the world from one more consumer purchase and your brain from one more corporate logo!

Doesn’t that sound divine? It’s living the dream, a gift economy. I give freely of myself here, expecting nothing. And any of you who so choose, can give something to me. A cup of coffee, lunch out, an hour of babysitting.

Am I living in a fantasy world? Why would anybody pay cold, hard cash for what they can get just as easily free of charge? I am no saleswoman, and I’m not about to start NPR-style fund drives. But I have finally decided, after much deliberation, to insert a little Paypal button over there in the side bar.

If you have appreciated my writing, if you would buy a book if I wrote it (for $19.99 from Amaz*n) consider that this blog contains 228 posts, more than 400 pages of text! I don’t kid myself, I’m well aware that most of it isn’t remotely book quality, but surely some portion of those pages are pretty darn good and I don’t have to bow to any publisher.

In the midst of my internal debate, I emailed Erica from NW Edibles and asked her advice. Turned out that she was poised on the edge of such a button as well, so we’ve decided to break our cherries on the same day in an act of virtual solidarity.

Even better than having a buddy for my entrance into the world of blog based capitalism, Erica had the fabulously brilliant idea to call our button a “tip jar.” The Paypal button (just below the jar) will take you to a secure Paypal page, where you can choose how much you’d like to give.

Let’s live the dream! Stick it to The Man! Eschew corporate marketing, and just give us your money!