Worm Bin Update

worm bin

Well, I made my bin. Hooray for me. Kind of anticlimactic though, because according to this knowledgeable looking site, I have to let it “age” before I add the wormies. So I made the bin last week, added a layer of shredded paper, a layer of food, and another of paper. During the week I’ve been throwing more food on top.

the not-so-perfect beddingUnfortunately (or, I guess fortunately for the future success of my worm career) it occured to me that although I remembered reading somewhere about the fluffy product of office paper shredders being the perfect bedding, didn’t it seem wrong to feed worms bleached paper? I did a little research, and sure enough. Advice ranges from “don’t use” to “preferably not bleached” to “use sparingly.” I’m gonna go with the use sparingly since as you can see, the deed is pretty much done.

So you know where I’ll be tonight. That’s right, on the couch, shredding cardboard and newspaper, by hand. Sigh. I was so excited when I thought I’d found two giant bags of perfect, no-work bedding!

There is a lot of bags of leaves around, being fall here in the Gulf belt, and the above mentioned site does say leaves make a fine secondary bedding material (see his full list here). So I’ll be on the lookout.

the drilled binIf you want to make a bin, check out the above site. Wood is preferred, but a rubbermaid tote is, sadly, cheaper and easier. Basically it’s just a matter of drilling some holes for drainage and airflow (use a drillbit size smaller than a worm!) If you keep your bin inside, or if you want to capture the good juices that drain off, it needs a tray to drain into. I’m gonna keep mine outside, because it’s warm enough to do that here and I’m afraid of attracting critters (read: cockroaches) into the house. I’ve already noticed the “curing” bin is swarmed with fruit flies. Which means I’m gonna have to move it away from the back door, so that when I leave said door open, all those little buggers don’t fly right in.