‘Reader’s Favorite’ Links Fixed!

Geez guys. How come no one told me until now that those silly thingys didn’t work? Thanks Robin for finally calling the bluff! When I originally put the links in, I copied and pasted the URLs from the edit page, instead of the full page itself. Apparently the long titles are abbreviated on the edit page. Which is why the few with short title worked, and rest didn’t.

Anyhoo. Should be all fixy-magixy now.

We’ve all been sick again with another whopper. Once you get on the damn hampster wheel, it’s all over. But I’m mostly bettered now. And working on a thrilling post about dishwashers! Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “‘Reader’s Favorite’ Links Fixed!

    1. Well dear Emily, though I had been ruminating on the subject for ages, your post is what drove me to action. In fact my upcoming post started as a comment on YOUR post. But it was getting out of hand. Waaaaaaay too long for a comment. There was nothing to do but cut, paste and keep writing in my own space… As you will soon see.

  1. Thanks for fixing the links! I’ll have to check them out soon. I hope you’re all feeling better soon. We’ve been amazingly illness free this winter, although I’m sure that typing that will doom us for sure for the remaining couple months.

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