Soft, Shiny, Clean

Funny timing on that last post. I’ve been needing to re-read it to myself every day since. Breathe. Cut myself slack. It won’t last forever. I’m okay.

Yeah, been a rough couple of days. Maybe it’s the moon. Today it seemed like at least one of us was crying all day long. I took my turn late afternoon after the 3YO cut short the 1YO’s (hard-won) nap.

Of course the crying came after quite a lot of shouting. I don’t even know how many fucks, in every possible conjugation. And direction. I am all for us mamas cussing like sailors, you know that. But even I don’t think it’s okay to cuss at my kids.

It was a low point.

I feel an urging to finally finish the Mama Rage post in my draft-box. But not right now. I did my raging, and then later with a friend at the park, I did my commiserating. Right now I’d rather just think about soft, shiny, clean things.

I hope you all understand, in that last post I didn’t mean to knock shiny blogs. There’s all different kinds of blogs, and they all have a place. Not everyone needs to or should shout obscenities into the universe like I like to do. It takes all kinds, right? Sometimes at the end of the day, you want a friend to tell you, ‘Honey, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. Let me tell you about this one time…’ But other days, you just want to kick your feet up and relax into something very outside of yourself, preferably something with a soft rose tint.

And on that note, I’ve been meaning to share a few of my favorite shiny blogs, which I’m realizing now I never even put into the sidebar. Bad blogger. Though surely these ladies don’t suffer for readership.

My favorite candy read is Farmama. She writes nice, tidy, wholesome, hippie farm family narrative, with to-die-for gorgeous photographs. She is obnoxiously always cranking out something natural and handmade. She knits sweaters from wool she spun from sheep she raised. It’s that kind of thing. There is no arrogance though, just the feeling that she and her man work all of their waking hours and never complain. Their kids apparently love to help with chores. Occasionally it makes me want to gag, but mostly it’s just the perfect light read.

My other fave in the soft focus category is Remedial Eating (the link takes you to a post from last month, about old fashioned bread, that I really liked). Molly is just a plain old urban mama, but her writing is really something. She once mentioned Mary Oliver is one of her favorite poets, and it all clicked into place. She’ll start by waxing poetic about something hopelessly ordinary like leggo spaceships or frost on the window, and seeemlessly transitions to a recipe for say- cabbage salad, and it makes perfect sense. Her macro photos of every day objects are really top of the class. That’s the whole of her magic really, she makes every day dross seem gorgeous and profound.

Those two are great, when you’re in the mood for that kind of light, pretty read. I’ve added them to the sidebar. If you’re in the mood for something with a bit more real life oomph, look over at all those Reader’s Blogs. There’s too many great ones to list here. I’ve updated it by the way, with a few new readers’ blogs. Take a look.

Now I’m off to kick my feet up. It’s been a helluva day. Anybody got a beer?

3 thoughts on “Soft, Shiny, Clean

  1. I hear every word in that song. Theres nothing like the level of crazy little kids can drive you to, and at the minute I’m living with a 2 year old who is just finding his powers. Plus I’m preggers. Few sneaky ‘fucks’ have been slipping out around these parts too. I loved this post. Thanks for being you. x

  2. I am glad I am not the only who swears like a sailor. I’ve tried to stop, I get better at times… then I’ll be having a run of bad days, and it’s my way to vent and release tensions (nope, yoga & meditating don’t work for me!!) but occasionally something slips out in front of the kids, so then I apologise, let them put me on the naughty spot, and settle down… for a while.

    Hoping you are doing better with it all today! It’s a tough gig this motherhood, some of ‘those’ days you just want to escape and live in that idealised magazine world… other days reading a blog like this makes it all better, so thank you!

  3. You know, it must be the moon! It’s gravitational pull (or something) making us all tired and cranky. The other day I fell asleep and slept for 2 hours – in the middle of the day!! Unheard of. I have nothing of real importance to add so I’ll just ramble a while. A funny thing re. the swear words, haven’t we all been known to do it. F word is THE word of choice, especially when driving through chaotic roundabouts. With 4 kids in the car. With prickling up ears. One of which does not belong to you. I heard a kid saying the other day that his parents feed him raw chillis whenever he spouts out a swear word. Depending on the degree of the obsenity, they base their choice on the heat of the chilli! That made me laugh. They must have quite a supply growing, by the sounds of it.

    Shiny blogs are a great escape and isn’t it just natural for the poster to only post the good things? Isn’t it their escape too? It’s the nature of the blogger. They do make for great fantasies though and late-night perusings after hard days.

    Nice to hear you are feeling better. You know, it really does get easier. The older they get, that is. Slightly more irritating, but still, easier. I try so hard to remember those times when they were babies when I read your posts but for the life of me I think I’ve blocked most of it out – the traumatic, never coping bits. We have been there, I know we have! Factually, I recall it, but emotionally, I don’t feel those memories of stress and hard won naps anymore. It’s a very patchy memory of their (my) sleep deprived early years, I think it’s nature’s way of ensuring survival of the species. Maybe? Chin up, you’re doing a marvelous job!! :)

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