Welcome to the Sideshow

Well, hello there new readers! That last post apparently hit a vein. After a small interval of cyber-sharing, we had a banner day here at Apron Stringz with 1,491 views! Holy mama!

I feel I must take a moment to introduce myself. I wrote that post with my regulars in mind, knowing that they know me and would fill in the other half of the story. Because that post alone could sound awfully high and mighty, and I usually do my damndest around here to keep it down.

First, full disclosure. I am a woman of many and varied sensibilities. I am married, happily, to a man of many different sensibilities. Our two firecracker kidlets are making their own marks on our family life, and this all adds up to a household that might surprise you new readers with it’s multitude of transgressions. I fear you might have been accidentally led to believe I am some kind of punk goddess, rocking the home like it’s 1999. I thought a bit of reality was in order.

As I mentioned afterwards in the comments, I spent days gestating and then birthing that post. For those days (and many other unrelated days in my life) I completely neglected those righteous homemaking duties for the more glorious job of writing about them. On the day I finally set pen to paper, as it were, I plugged my kids into dvds all morning and then left them with Papa all afternoon while I drove our car to the coffee shop to write. As I was doing the last edit in a rush at 5:15, My Man took the kids to Wendy’s for dinner. To unwind after our long half-sick day, we watched a dumb movie in one room while the kids watched another in the other room.

I would like to say such activities are rare.

I can’t.

I’m telling you all this because– if this ruins it for you, you might as well leave now. I understand the inspiration of voyeuristic perfection, I have imbibed myself on many occasions. But there is another kind of inspiration, much more subtle and possibly longer lasting. This is the inspiration of other real people, just like you. Fucked up and wonderful, just like you. Generally confused with bright moments of epiphany. Succeeding sometimes, failing often, but keeping at it.

With this blog I do my best to champion that radical punk housewifery I wrote about in Why Are We Doing This; to describe the mechanics as well as the psychology of my own particular trip. But my highest aim is the uniting of all of us. The kick-ass radical punk bitches, the harried just-trying-to-survive-two-kids-under-the-age-of-3 moms, the homesteader grandmas who remember and support us. I can jive with just about anyone who tries to make a change in this life, no matter where they started or how far they’ve come, no matter what canvas they work on. It’s that heart-binding intent that I believe in.

So, welcome you. Welcome to the sideshow. Take a seat and introduce yourself to your neighbor. We’re making this show up as we go along.

A selection of introductory posts for you new readers:
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14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Sideshow

  1. “This is the inspiration of other real people, just like you. Fucked up and wonderful, just like you. Generally confused with bright moments of epiphany. Succeeding sometimes, failing often, but keeping at it.”

    Yep, this is why I love your blog.

  2. Still reading, still inspired, still being challenged to think hard about how I’m living, still here! Nearly a year down the road :-)

  3. Thank you and that’s exactly why I fell in love with you yesterday, after stumbling across your blog. I felt right at home. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. While I do my best to make homemade/scratch/organic/grass-fed/free-range/ya-da/ya-da most of the time, I also don’t always have the time/energy/desire to do it. That is what pre-made was supposed to be for. For the other times. Not the ALL the times. And I’m ok with that. I’m glad you said your husband went to Wendy’s. I am not as good as those Chicks that can pack peanut butter (that they made from scratch), and jam (from berries they grew in the backyard) sandwiches (made from grain they milled themselves) for road trips along with the homemade granola bars and juice. Good for them, but I’m too busy making sure everyone has enough underwear in their suitcases to worry about packing homemade food. We eat at Wendy’s on those trips too. I also drive an SUV…because I’d look silly driving through the snow, with my two kids holding for dear life, while towing a hockey bag. Frost bite isn’t fun.

    I found your post far less righteous than some other blogs I’ve read and I felt such a kinship with you. You put the thoughts I’ve been feeling for so long, but couldn’t vocalize, in print. Rock on Woman. You are a Real Punk Goddess. Not perfect, but doing it way better than most.

  4. So apparently when I said that I always read but rarely comment I spoke too soon.
    Inspiration is an amazingly pliable thing. It hits different people in many different ways. I just can’t tell you how many times I have been so thankful that I found your blog so many months ago. Thanks to you (and a selection of other bloggers of like mind) I have changed and focused and thrown out and rebuilt my list of goals for our future. I have a better view of where The Lineman and I are headed and a better understanding of what constitutes success for us. Doing it all and being that really annoying slice of perfection is not it. Being true to myself and moving forward always is.

    Thank you. I hope your new readers stay. There is so much inspiration to be had at this address!

  5. I’ve been reading for a while and appreciated this post. I’ve mentioned in previous comments that I live right up the road in Baton Rouge, and I’ve considered reaching out to you but I always thought you wouldn’t find me radical enough for your tastes. It’s nice to know you accept even the moderately radical (Walmart boycotting, thrift store shopping, recycling) types into your fold of punk housewifery.

  6. I am a new reader who was sent your post by a friend. I really appreciate your honesty and that is what will keep me reading. I really strive to put into words the frustration I sometimes feel with, well everything about raising children but then I end up writing my posts sounding like I am the rein-fuckingcarnation of Martha Stewart & Donna Reed’s baby.

    Thank you. We all need to hear this and support each other and you have made quite a community here!

  7. If your blog had claimed punk perfection, I would not have believed it and never subscribed. I am in the middle of your extremes, not a mom of under 3’s and not a grandmother yet. My mostly adult (depends on the day) sons live at home, but pretty much take care of themselves. I had the privilege of being a stay at home mom for nearly 20 years but am back at work now. It’s my boys who push me to eat local/organic/homemade/vegan even. I don’t. But we do sometimes. My son is the thrift store shopper. I am still just a donor. Retail therapy was never my refuge. Reading your blog reminds me that trying to be a model mom/citizen is a process, not a destination. If it were, I’d still take the scenic route. Thanks for sharing.

  8. ooooh Gush. I found you down some interwebs rabbit hole and I think I have a lady crush.

    I go on maternity leave in a month with our first babe, and I can’t WAIT!! But I already feel like I don’t fit in, in the world of magazine perfect housewives and mummas who don’t swear and who do everything just so and .. and you know the ‘type’ …ggaaak! makes me want to spew!! I knit, I sew, I cook, I clean and love doing it all, but I also swear like a trooper and am likely to get on my soap box at the slightest provocation and occasionally, in between when I just couldn’t be assed doing any of it, you’d think squatters lived in our place….I thought it was just me, I existed outside the status quo….but aaahhh punk housewife,…. a suitable label for my box. I feel a sense of homecoming.


  9. I just stumbled across your blog via little eco footprints & WOW! I am in the same place (toddler & husband in law school – at night). Your transition to housewife was exactly mine. I’m a big fan of the Radical Homemakers book. It has really changed the way I look at being home. Thanks for writing it all down & thrilled to be a new reader.

  10. Dammit, I don’t want to care about politics, I’m busy momming. But if you’re going to start a revolution, I’ll have to back you up. I, like many others, was sent a link yesterday to you. I’ll keep reading. I’m a sewing, cooking homemaker, trying to learn to garden in a smallish yard, but I don’t have enough energy to write about it too! :)

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