Dja Miss Me?

Friends, I am actually in the middle of a real post! An interesting, contemplative, reliving the good ole’ Calamity days post. Though it could take me another month or two to finish.

But in the meantime, two things.

1. Check me out, I made another website. Don’t worry, not a real blog, if I ever come back, it will be here to you. This one is just a virtual ego stroke in which I name my whole homesteading-project-extravaganza and thereby give it identity and recognition. I am now master of Feral Edge Rainfarm. Ha! Take that!

2. We are planning a short vacation to central California– from San Francisco to Carmel (family reunion)– and I have a nagging feeling that one or another of you live in that neck of the woods. Is it true? And if so, can we crash at yer place for a night or two? Extra credit if you live on a farm, or downtown SF.

Email me! I’m scarletfevir (at) yahoo (dot) com

Also just email me if you missed me and you want to tell me all about everything, and how you can’t live without my posts every week.

PS. I missed you.

11 thoughts on “Dja Miss Me?

  1. Oh I’ve been waiting to hear from you again!! I will wait the month or two or longer it takes for the next post. This is still one of my favorite blogs, ever (and I’ve read a lot) because it’s the most honest and real. If I only I lived in Cali!

  2. I DEFINITELY missed you CJ! My heart smiled when I saw that sweet little wordpress alert. The world makes so much more sense when you are writing about it. If ever you want to visit sunny Brisbane, Australia (you could see my garden? It has bananas, and taro, and ginger, and sweet potatoes!) then give me a hoy. Meanwhile, cant wait to read what you’re working on.

  3. Well HELLO, how lovely to read your name in my inbox! And what a pile of work you have been doing since we last had the priveleage (you over achiever you!). Feral Edge Farm… what a name … and what thoughtful, considered, inspiring content. As only a revolutionary housewife could. Yeahaaa for you. Love from me, Katja

  4. Yes, CJ, I do miss you. I was thinking the other day of dropping you a quick note to say we are all in a very good way around here these days- amazing the difference a year or two can make, huh? And thanks so much for your Apron Stringz- I clung hard for a while there, and you helped a lot. Glad to see what amazing things you’ve been working on, my dear. All the best.

  5. I missed your posts while you were ‘gone’ – but I missed this one too because I was sick and didn’t check my notifications! Now – off to read your permie page :)

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