Ducks in the Backyard

I just had my first article as a contributing author for The Permaculture Research Institute published! This one is about ducks and how they fit into a backyard system, the next one will be about converting my coop’s bedding into a worm farm! It’s not quite your typical Apron Stringz material, but I thought some of you might enjoy it.

Ducks in Backyard Permaculture


6 thoughts on “Ducks in the Backyard

  1. Excellent article, Meadow. Josh and Shelby added ducks to their menagerie this year too. The goopy mess has taken some getting used to and Josh has made some great modifications.Your writing is still inspiring. Bob

  2. Loved the article and pictures. Sent it on to Josh and Shelby as they are raising chickens, and ducks in their backyard in Craig! They have also added turkeys to the mess. Shelby loves them and Josh’s comment is they are pooping all over everything. Don’t think he likes them as much. Us, we miss them all and the farm! But we have 6 chickens and 1 rooster and they live in a covered pen with a small house…not the farm but they keep us and the neighbors in eggs. Nice to see you writing again. Margaret

  3. waiting for you and rb to experiment with the ducks some more, and the diesel spill to evaporate, and i’ll be joining you all. do you bear fence?

    1. i used old seine web for their outdoor yard. strung up a rope between trees and hung the net from it. not remotely bear proof, but bear deterrent. at night they are locked up in a coop. there has been a blackie in our neighborhood on and off all summer, and i have seen him walk past my flock twice, apparently uninterested. knock on wood. that is actually the way biggest downside of the birds– stress about bears. it keeps me up at night. nothing has happened, but i know it could, any time. and when a bear gets into a coop, it pretty much takes out the whole flock. shudder.

  4. I knew I like you for some reason! You’re a fellow permie and a fellow homemaker. I’ve really enjoyed finding your site today: on the hunt for how to hide eggplant from my sons, since I still have a whole bag from our last CSA pick-up. Anyway, you’ve added hope to my heart today on several fronts and put a smile on my face. Thank you for being alive, for being who you are, and for writing this blog! :-)

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