Real Life Revisited

Just had another productive baking morning. Made much needed granola, granola bars, and cranberry orange muffins. Sounds like I’m pretty fab, huh? Are you thinking, how does she do it? Here’s how:

A moment caught, in my Real Baking Day. I am actually a little dissappointed that you can't tell in the photo how thoroughly every available surface is taken up by three projects at once...

I just thought some housewifin’ ladies (or boys) out there might appreciate a little dose of reality. Everyone always wants to show pictures of their scene when it’s pretty and neat, but this makes all us dirty mamas feel like freaks. Which I really suspect we’re not.

(See Real Life, from last week.)

A dear friend of mine told me a story about how once, before she had kids, she went to a woman’s house she didn’t know all that well who had two kids. Their house was incredibly dirty. My friend was not so much offended as just impressed that the woman let her in the door and didn’t appear to be severely embarrassed. Numbering among the items strewn all around, though not necessarily together, were both sausages and underwear.

I always think of this story when my house is a wreck, and it makes me smile. We’ve always been dirty, but having kids has definitely taken things to the Sausage and Underwear Level.

Let’s get together and take pride in our messes! We rock! We make messes! Yeah! Messes get shit done! Yeah!

4 thoughts on “Real Life Revisited

    1. glad you’re having a good time, in your stolen moments. look at those first posts, how no one hardly read them. you’re the first commenter on this one. makes my heart happy to find someone who’ll even read my drivel.

      1. Just wanted to chime in and say that I too am going back through your archives. I’ve just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it!

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