Brave New World

No time to talk. Just spent the better part of two days fucking around with motherfucking Faceb**k trying to set up a page for this madness I call a blog. Did finally get it done. Phew! It’s a long story, which I will divulge at a later date. Starts like this though, “Dear Faceb**k, I hate you…”

For those of you who share these coarse feelings about FB, I also started a nice, wholesome group over at the lovely If you sign up under a psuedo-nim, you high school nemesis will not track you down through this humble site. There’s a lot of awesome-ness on Homegrown, so be prepared to waste some time.

Both links are now in the sidebar.

I feel pretty silly having a blog and two groups. But, this is 2011. Might as well live it up before next year’s appocolypse, right?

8 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. nice language in this blog post. I haven’t been subscribed to your blog long, but don’t really need to continue reading a blog that uses language like this, so I am now going to unsubscribe.

    1. Dear Anne,
      So sorry to lose a reader over a little cussing. I’m sure you’ll find just what you are looking for in the many, many clean mouthed mama blogs flooding the Internet. Good luck in life!

  2. Oh, for pity’s sake. Not offended, AT ALL, by whatever language you choose to use. Love your blog/FB-tasticness, and am excited to be learning more skillz, as I was taught pretty much nothing except how to clean a house whilst growing up.

    I love the realness. My guess is you wouldn’t know any other way to be…

  3. hey lady, just poppin’ in to say hi, and howthefuckareya?!!! I’ve just spent a week in the local private hospital for sleep in the under 5’s circle. I have come back rested, and with two cherubs who sleep TWELVE HOURS A NIGHT WITHOUT WAKING AND FREAKING OUT FOR THEIR MAMA. I cannot fucking believe it, and am clinging to the skills those gorgeous nurses taught me like a liferaft.

    But anyhoo, I’ll see you on the eeeevils of f***book. And while you have time for a giggle, I hope you keep yourself acquainted with lamebook site, which gets you the best of the abovementioned, with sheer gut-turned hilarity most of the time.


  4. LOL – NW Edibles – that’s so spot-on!

    Apron Stringz – FB page glitches, slow picture uploading, etc, etc = constant source of frustration. Ergh!

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